Saturday, May 2, 2009

Smoke Machine

As hazy... cigarette smoke under a bright lamp.

A friend forwarded me an email about a local distributor who's selling electronic cigarettes. The details didn't register to me at first, and I was quite reluctant to believe the product claim but when I started probing more (thanks to Google search), I found out that the product does exist and it guarantees people low nicotine, tar, the works.

Among the other things that the Electronic Cigarette promises are:

*healthy substitute for traditional smoking



*durable and realistic-looking design

*comes in flavors that are very familiar to your taste


I could very well be wary of bogus stuff, but this--this is something!

Then again, I did quit already--and I did with only will power to boot. :) So that crosses me off the target market. Woohoo.


Stephanie J. B. said...

Woah, that's pretty amazing, I never heard about it until now. But they're probably super expensive (or maybe not, I'm not sure), and I don't smoke either, lol.

Hurray for healthy lungs. :]

Natasha Rostova said...

This electronic wonder isn't expensive, but the taste is pretty far from a normal one.
I wanna quit! :)

Anonymous said...

I quit smoking in 2005 and in hindsight I wish I'd never touched a cigarette. All of the anti-smoking aids and new devices...isn't that kind of like the newest fad diet? It's turning into a multi-billion dollar industry like the weight loss industry. Frustrates me to no end! There are no quick fixes in life! Thanks for letting me rant a little, lol!!!

michael said...

interesting indeed... I still smoke and this intrigues me. thanks

A Clockwork Orange said...

@Stephanie: Seems to me like an okay alternative to real cigarettes. But wouldn't it just be nice to just quit. :p

Right about that--hurray for good lungs!

A Clockwork Orange said...

@Natasha: you can do it! :) I know you can do it, Natasha :)

A Clockwork Orange said...

@Rain: I know how you're feeling, Rain :) there are times when I look back and think to myself why I ever picked up that first stick of cigarette when I was in high school. Sometimes I still slip and bum a stick once in a while, but I really try hard to kick it out of my system. It should reap good rewards soon :)

Anytime you want to rant here, Rain :p

A Clockwork Orange said...

@Michael: thanks Michael! you might want to check it out yourself :D haven't tried it either :D

Hanako66 said...


A Clockwork Orange said...

Crazy indeed, Hanako :p