Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Cup Of Complacency

As cozy... a cup of hot coffee.

On gloomy days like today, a cup of coffee offers the much needed warmth and comfort, enough to thaw my frozen ears and nose back to life.

It's cold but I'm doing fine! :)


Anonymous said...

I love your images.
A cup of coffee in the morning is such a ritual for me, and you're right, it does create warmth and comfort!

A Clockwork Orange said...

Thank you very much Rain!
Hurray for both coffee and coffee lovers! :)

B said...

Another coffee lover here! I can't function without my morning coffee.

Stephanie J. B. said...

That does sound nice, though I'm more of a tea person

A Clockwork Orange said...


Cheers to that, B! :)
thanks for visiting my blog! :)

A Clockwork Orange said...


That's cool, Stephanie :) I also drink tea--icevcold, sugarless, tea. Tea and coffee both are good (morning) stimulants :) keep drinking tea, it's good for the body! :)